Roots of Modern America AK/HUMA 1730 6.0 

The course will explore some of the ideas, ideologies and experiences that have been most influential in shaping modern American culture, from the religious radicalism of the early colonists to the evolution of corporate capitalism and consumerism in the twentieth century. Special attention will be paid to first contact between Europeans and native Americans, and the watershed decade of the 1960s.The purpose of the course is to give students a broad overview of American cultural characteristics, past and present, to assist them in interpreting current events. Students will also be introduced to some of the basic learning and research techniques essential to a successful university career.The course is organized in four modules, two per term. The first and third modules are designed to provide a broad perspective on trends in American thought and experience from the early colonies to the late nineteenth century, and from the late nineteenth century through to the present. The second and fourth modules are designed to allow students to examine in depth two significant eras, that of first contact between European colonists and native populations, and the culturally fertile era of the 1960s.