Critical and Creative Fictions FA/FACS 2960A 3.0 

Promotes critical and creative thinking and writing around specific themes in cultural studies. The course encourages a blurring of genres and refuses a necessary separation between creative and critical writing. Students produce a variety of short assignments and participate in online writing circles.

The theme of the course for this term is “war.” Such a theme asks students to engage with the horrendous yet increasingly invasive militarization of contemporary life through writing. By examining the creative responses of the historical avant-garde and artist-activists in the 1960s to war, students will build an aesthetic vocabulary of critical and creative strategies to contemporary military conflicts. Carefully selected secondary texts provide the critical and theoretical tools to think about war, the fine and performing arts and war, and their relationship to writing. Because our emphasis is on writing by artists, artist’s books, and artist book projects, we will not look at conventional literary forms such as novels, poems, or short stories. Instead this course takes an interdisciplinary approach by combining studio artist book projects with developing a writing portfolio informed by critical theory.